Success is a state of mind. if you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success .
Dr Joyce Brothers

High impact, low disruption learning and development workshops ideal for developing junior staff and managers who need to improve specific skills, these sessions are fast-paced, applied, fun and provide a perfect solution to identified requirements.

Focused: 1.5 Hour Workshops


  • Personal Efficiency
  • Communication Essentials
  • Positive Influencing
  • Write an Effective Presentation
  • Deliver an Effective Presentation
  • Creating a Positive Attitude
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Workplace Stress
  • Working Effectively with My Boss
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Practical Negotiation
  • Selling Made Easy
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Managing Meetings Well
  • Effective Networking
  • Building Client Relationships


  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Motivating Others in the Workplace
  • Skillful Feedback
  • Coaching Essentials
  • Delegation Made Easy
  • Managing Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers at Work
  • Successful Selection Interviews
  • Cultivating High Performance Teams
  • A+ Appraisals
  • Managing Stakeholders