Man can alter his life by altering his thinking.
William James

Designed by world-leading learning and development specialists and corporate psychologists, Prime Time Training's learning workshops deliver high-impact, transformative learning and development directly to the source. Our intensive, fast-paced sessions focus on exercising the mind to give instant, effective results.

Adult learners retain and apply knowledge best through practice. Our participants are given the critical hands-on experience to establish and consolidate skills and apply them immediately from 90-minute, 2-hour or 3.5 hour sessions. Interaction before and after the sessions ensure continuity of learning.

With local, multilingual trainers across the Asia-Pacific region providing either face-to-face or the option online services, we can facilitate single or multiple-location learning and development solutions. This means that your investment is spent directly on the learning and development and your people stay where they need to be.

Choose from our three Learning and Development suites:

High-impact, low-disruption learning and development workshops ideal for developing junior staff and managers who need to improve specific skills, these sessions are fast-paced, applied, fun and provide a perfect solution to identified requirements.

Topics include:

  • Personal Efficiency
  • Workplace Stress
  • Practical Negotiation
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Effective Delegation
Choose from over 20 bite sized training topics
Prime Time Training has the expertise, content and resources to provide flexibility around your workshop experience. This means you can accommodate the specific needs of a dynamic workforce as well as providing content that is targeted and relevant. PTT provide flexibility in the following ways:
    • Customisation
    • Virtual Workshops
    • Webinars

    Choose from any of the Focused topics.

    High-level learning and development workshops for executives, designed to extend capabilities across change, multicultural workforces and leadership. Developed by leading international learning and development specialists, the focus is on exercising an applied approach to real requirements in global business.

    Topics include:

    • Leading and Managing Change
    • Collaborating with Purpose
    • Building High Performance Teams